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Day 2 - 26/06/24

Good morning from sunny Calshot. We had a busy evening last night with an Egg Drop Challenge complete and with some amusing chicken impressions! We then had some time to explore the beach where many children enjoyed finding crabs as new friends!


Everyone slept well during their first night at Calshot and were raring to go when the teachers got them up this morning.  After a delicious breakfast (sausages, bacon, eggs, cereal, toast, fruit), Year 6 are fuelled well for their first full day of activities. We have shooting, cycling and sailing today - check in later for some more photos!


What a day Year 6 have had at Calshot today! This morning, we perfected our aim with air rifle shooting as well as practising our speed-cycling skills in the velodrome - team work was very much needed to be starters and catchers!


After our tasty lunch, we basked in the sunshine in the sailing fun boats! It took a little time to get the hang of the steering, but we were soon sailing in a figure of eight formation around the buoys.


This evening, we’re looking forward to our Chinese meal followed by our Twilight Tudor session at Calshot Castle!

The children are having so much fun, even the adults too!