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James. Hex and the Nonagonass

The waves were getting up, the wind was screaming through the sail sending the warship fling forward like an ice skater. Then the water exploded with a whale sounding raw, fading slowly into the distance.

This met only one thing. The beast: water dragon, sea monster or the great Nonagonass. Hex quickly remembered what Phisighdon said “the helmet has the power to make the warrior wearing it breathe under water.” So Hex put on the bronze plated helmet. To her surprize it was very light. She grabbed her dagger and leaped athleticy into the water. The water was earie and bitter. Looking down Hex saw the muddy sand lifeless in the strong current, suddenly it erupted with a deathly horror. It was the Nonagonass! Quickly it scuttled away.

Hex then saw the Nonagonass dart upward to the circling ship. The way out of this wave desert. Then [crash] the beast had split the ship in half. The only thing Hex could do was watch hopelessly, as the wild Nonagonass shred up here crew; her friends; her best friend. Water started to fill up in her helmet. Not with sea water but with rivers of tears.

She determinedly swam up into the rowens. Avoiding the nine glairing eyes. She caught a falling piece of debris and started to sink through the salty water. Down, down on the muddy sea bed. Hex walked around searching for the trident.

As she walked the water started to glow. Then Hex saw it in the corner of her eye, the trident. Hastily, Hex it then it flow up. Hex still holding on shot through the water and out into the air. She hovered for a while then zoomed off across the big blue sea.

To be continued...