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Bea - Thalia & the Slytherman

The gruelling task was testing Thalia’s bravery. It made her shiver. However, she needed to do it for her dad. Who was a miserable, downhearted and gloomy man forever crying.

One day Thalia started on her journey to go and kill slytherman and get his blood for her Dad. Well into her journey Thalia came across a god called Athena she was beautiful. She was glowing with golden wings flowing around her. She didn’t speak she just gave Thalia a heavy bag and then left. Thalia didn’t open it until a note dropped out saying “use the weapon to strangle the monster .Athena.”


Thalia entered the cave and saw slytherman he was sleeping it was petrifying all dark and dim. The slytherman moved and Thalia jumped. The slytherman was awake…


The next few moments were intense, the slytherman still hadn’t spotted Thalia yet. She had to do it quickly! She grabbed the chain and went for it she rapidly pulled it around his neck and the next moment he was on the ground. Thalia ran and got the blood and soared out. Thalia didn’t stop running until she reached the castle. She felt relieved.


She went and gave the blood to her dad. Although he was reluctant to take it  he went and drunk it and they waited… and waited until about five minutes later he didn’t want to cry he didn’t want to be sad anymore he was happy and for days, months and years he didn’t feel sad. Thalia had done it!