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Bentley Church of England

Primary School

Ellie's Lauren and The Fire Horse

Lauren opened her eyes and flashed back to reality. It was pitch black. She heard a strange slithering sound and when her eyes finally adjusted to the darkness it was too late. She felt a scaly body wrap around her chest. Every breath she took became harder and harder until all she could do was gasp. She passed out. When she woke up she felt a soft muzzle of a horse. The unnamed black Friesian gelding from her mother’s stable had broken out to save her."You are such a Hero, You saved me "exclaimed Lauren "that is why I will name you hero “It was a narrow escape and Lauren knew it. Even though her real challenge had not even begun…




She felt a strange heat on her back and peeked out of the stable only to see the grand figure of the fire horse. This was a horse feared by all. He was used to tear down villages so that the people would give up their land to the Tetious army. The forest where her village lay was up in flames. She had had enough! “Hero you and me will slay this terrible beast” and she jumped onto Hero and galloped towards the City of Tetioue.


The big iron gates finally came into view. Luckily, for her, they had not closed them up properly. So she dismounted from Hero and tied him up to a tree near the city. After that she tiptoed up to the city and entered. She saw the fire horse enter a different entrance so stealthily Lauren followed and entered his lair. The first ear-piercing neigh froze Laurens body. She heard its hooves scraping the stone floor of his palace. Heat was oozing from his fiery mane and tail. Lauren turned the corner and hid behind a column. His coat was blacker than black. Little light came into the room but light was not needed as his fiery mane and tail lit up the room. As she looked closer she saw the strength in his legs and body. This would not be an easy fight….