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Starfish, amateur sleuthing & a tubing governor...

Everyone has had a super day. The staff report that all the activities have been a great success.

The trawler group this morning found a great haul including a starfish and a 'hare creature’ which spurts sulphur at enemies!

Miss Kirby feels that ‘her' trawler set the bar high and has challenged Miss Wiggins and Mrs Krempel to find a more interesting catch. Mrs Krempel is quietly confident that ‘her’ group will find a blue whale at the very least!! Everyone back at home will be pleased to hear that the sea creatures were returned to the sea after being counted and admired. It was a fine day on the high seas and the trawler group had a great time.

Back on land the other two groups had a terrific time on the 'Coastline Catastrophe’ where they studied the local area to see how it has changed over the years.

Lunch was much enjoyed altogether and then off to the afternoon activities with tubing and climbing on the agenda. The climbing walls are really fabulous at Calshot and the ski slope was much enjoyed too.

Miss Kirby reports that Chair of Governors, Mr Ibbotson, got stuck in with all the activities and his group were impressed at how fast he could sit down after tubing to help their team win the competition by completing the quickest! We look forward to seeing the photographic evidence of such good Bentley sportsmanship - go Mr Ibbotson!

The  macaroni cheese for dinner was delish apparently! The children had a post-tea walk along the beach in the evening sunshine and then have headed off to their evening activity.

Their amateur dramatics from 'The Mystery of Magpie Manor' will come into great use as they have to uncover clues to solve a mystery which has occurred in the classrooms of Calshot! Good luck teams - we know that you can be trusted to solve it before bedtime.

There may be a little flagging in the energy levels after the non-stop activity so we wish everyone an early night ready for tomorrow’s adventures….