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This week at Bentley...

School clubs restarted this week and it was terrific to hear so many children and clubs staff talking about the amazing sign up and interest for our many different sports, music lessons and activities. We work really hard on coordinating these opportunities in order to give every child the chance to experience a broad range of fun and enriching learning beyond our packed school day of learning. We know that not every January dream may ‘stick’, but hope that children discover some lifelong hobbies and that a lot of joy is had by all!

A HUGE thank you to everyone for the enthusiasm and donations making our Kaira Konko disco such a success last night. Children clearly had a lot of fun dancing and playing games with their friends, we saw lots of great dance moves and everyone enjoyed the song choices. A big thank you to all the staff involved in making it such a fun evening. At the last count we raised an absolutely brilliant £697.85 including the Gift Aid contributions. This is amazing and will go an incredibly long way to support MANY children in the Gambia.

Sadly this year we do not think that any of us from Bentley will be able to make it over to visit at half term but lots of us are saving up for visits in future years. This week we have heard about a great new venture in Sitahuma set up by the school through the Mother’s Club (like our PTFA) where women are making soap to sell to support families within the local community. You can see in the photograph the beautiful school library which we created last February is being valued and used by every member of the community, with deputy, Mr Drammeh, supporting the work through the calculations for the start-up business.

Back in the UK in learning this week…

Yr R have been exploring magnets in their Knowledge and Understanding of the World learning. They are very excited about identifying all the objects and materials which magnets stick to!

Yr 1 have enjoyed counting up and backwards in 10s and using '10 Frames'.

Yr 2 have recognised and learnt about homophones in their spelling which they thought was very interesting!

Yr 3 are loving the imaginative world of The Egg by M. P. Robertson. They found what looks like a dragon egg in the woods and we can’t wait to hear what happens next…

Yr 4 have really enjoyed starting to look at the work and style of Georgia O’Keefe in art lessons.

Yr 5 are enjoying their Design Technology learning and can identify many parts required to create a car from a chassis to cogs.

Yr 6 think long division is making more sense as they have learnt good strategies and processes to apply when they encounter difficult problems.

I wish you all an enjoyable weekend.

Mrs Katy Pinchess, Headteacher


Reminder - we are a NUT-FREE school!

We have children and adults at school with severe nut allergies – please ensure all food brought into school in lunch boxes, at the end of the school day or snacks to be eaten before any after school activities are NUT FREE.


Playground Leaders

Thank you to everyone who applied to become a Playground Leader.  Interviews were held on Wednesday and Mrs P and I were really impressed with the quality of the answers given.  It was a very difficult decision to make but the following children have been chosen to be Playground Leaders for the rest of this academic year.

Year 1 - Lexi, Chloe, Barnaby, Agnes, Anwita, Ivy, Arianna, Noah

Year 2 - George, Charlotte, Merryn, Phoebe, Tabitha, Darcey, Bella, Raphie

Year 3 - Noah, Izzy, Emma, Evie-May, Poppy C, Kate, Harry M, Lauren

Year 4 - Rida, Annie, George, Chase, Charlotte PC

Year 5 - Emily, Gabriel, Charlie, Archie

Year 6 - Olivia, Sophia

Sarah in Year 6 is the head Playground Leader and will help myself and Mrs P train the new Playground Leaders. 

The children will take it in turns to perform the role of Playground Leader and will take the lead, in pairs, for half a term each.  Look out for them on the playground at break and lunchtime.  They will be wearing a special tabard so they will be easy to spot!

Mrs Miffling, Deputy Headteacher


Good luck!

It is that time of year where many of our Year 6 pupils are taking entrance exams and having interviews. All the Year 6 class are waiting to find out about school placements and we know that this can be a nail biting time of year for many. Good luck everyone and keep us posted in school when you find out! 



A polite reminder that all clubs, school lunches and wrap-a-round childcare must be paid for in advance and the clubs providers are not able to continue provide provision without payment. All school led clubs must be paid for no later than Friday 24th January.  If you are experiencing any issues with payment please contact the school office immediately, otherwise your child’s place cannot be continued. 

This is a final call for residential deposits as we have been chased for numbers for all Junior residential visits. A reminder that payments are due by...

Year 5 Residential - 10th – 13th March   

Deposit £140 was due in November, £100 due 31st Jan, balance of £44 due 28th February

Year 4 Residential  - 4th – 7th May

Deposit £86 was due in November, £50 due 31st Jan, balance of £50 due 28th February

Year 3 Residential     5th – 7th May       

Deposit £40 was due in November, £40 due 31st Jan, balance of £36 due 28th February

Year 6 Residential     23rd- 26th May     

Deposit £125 was due in November, £125 due 31st Jan, balance of £115 due 28th February



If you child would like to represent us at one (or more) of these events, please click here by 24th January. Letters will be sent out in due course. Should there be more interest than I am able to enter, a selection process will take place prior to the event.

Years 5 & 6 - Sports hall athletics on 17 February at 3.30-5pm at Perins

Years 5 & 6 girls – Football on 30 January at 12.30-3.30pm at Anstey

Years 5 & 6 boys – Football on 6 February at 12.30 - 3.30pm at Anstey

Year R, 1, 2 - Cross Country on 7 February at 3.30-4pm at Perins

Years 3 - 6 - Cross Country on 7 February at 3-5pm at Perins

All year groups - Cross Country (3 of 4) on 11 February at 4-5pm at Amery Hill

Years 3 & 4 – Swimming on 6 March at 10-11.30am at Taro Leisure Centre, Petersfield

Years 5 & 6 – Rugby on 5 March (training) & 12 March (match) at Eggar’s

Years 5 & 6 – Netball on 19 March (training) & 24 March (match) 4-5.30pm at Amery Hill

Years R, 1, 2 - Cricket Festival on 27 March 9.30-11am at Eggar's

All year groups - Cross Country (4 of 4) on 31 March 4-5pm at Eggar's

Miss Kirby, PE leader


Our new Scholastic Book Club is up and running!

Bentley CE Primary School has raised £98.17 to spend on free children's books and teaching resources from Scholastic UK in the last year. Help us earn even more free books by clicking here to browse the latest books and order online. For every £1 you spend on this month’s Book Club, our school will earn 25p in Scholastic Rewards.

Please place your order online by January 27th, 2020.


Thank you to…

… the Aston family for the super books

… the Hawkes family for the lovely art supplies

… the Catchpole family for the wooden sticks

Click here for this week’s reminders…