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Bentley Church of England

Primary School

Charging and remissions


The purpose of this policy is to set out the school’s position on;

- charging for activities which cannot be funded by the school alone such as trips, outings and additional services


- use of the school’s facilities outside the normal school day



We are committed to the principle of high quality education being provided free of charge. Budgetary restrictions, however, are such that there are activities of sound educational value, which cannot be funded by the school alone.

We believe that our facilities should be used to cater for our pupils and their community and therefore support the use of the school facilities to offer extended services outside school time.

Parents/carers may be asked to pay for or towards the cost of making good school property wilfully or negligently damaged or lost by a pupil. Charges will be made as deemed appropriate in the circumstances.


Trips, Outings and Services

  • No charge is made for any activities which aim to fulfil the National Curriculum requirements although voluntary contributions may be requested in order to extend the opportunities for pupils
  • We may ask for voluntary contributions for activities wholly or partly in school time which would otherwise be prohibited by cost. No child will be excluded from any such activity on the basis of non-contribution
  • Requests from parents for financial help and assistance will be sympathetically considered by the Headteacher and the Chair of Finance Committee. Any request made will be treated in confidence
  • We may charge where a school provision increases or enriches a non-statutory extracurricular activity e.g. a lunchtime club where additional staffing is required or when individual tuition is given
  • If an activity cannot be sufficiently funded, it may be cancelled

School Facilities

  • A charge is made for groups who use the facilities

Receipts and Invoicing

  • A receipt or invoice is issued for all contributions and financial accounts are kept in accordance with Hampshire County Council regulations


Off-site Extracurricular Activities

A voluntary contribution not exceeding the actual cost will be requested. School visit costs are currently set at a maximum of £25 for a day only excursion.

On site Extracurricular Activities

A voluntary contribution of £5 will be requested to cover the cost of afterschool clubs for a term. Where pupils are in receipt of Free School Meals then this is offered as part of the Pupil Premium coverage to support new opportunities.

Letting of Premises

The charges for lettings/hire of school facilities are on the basis of rates agreed by County as they own the building and site.

Any conditions of hiring are laid down in individual contracts.

Charges for Services

Details for photocopier, telephone and fax facilities are available from the school office.


Finance Committee

  • Reviews and amends the Charging Policy annually on behalf of the Governing Body
  • Reviews annually the charges for supplies and services
  • Reviews annually the charges for school trips and contributions
  • Monitors income against budget


  • Drafts proposals for charges
  • Reviews costs and value of each extracurricular visit

Admin Officer

  • Manages the letting of the school premises
  • Provides reports to the Finance Committee on usage of facilities and charges
  • Maintains  information systems relating to the Charging Policy
  • Provides information on voluntary contributions
  • Alerts the Senior Leadership to budget fluctuations throughout the year in order to plan and budget effectively


  • Completes trip feedback forms on EVOLVE and with the Finance Officer to monitor and check costs match income with year group backing for any discrepancy

Date Approved by Governing Body:  December 2016

Next review date: December 2017