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Year 6 - Calshot 2024

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  • 28/06/24

    Our final post

      We had our final activities this morning. We spent the morning exploring on the beach doing a scavenger hunt, finding different species of crab amongst other things.
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  • 28/06/24

    Day 4 - 28/06/24

    Last night, the beach was filled with Year 6's team spirit, enthusiasm and laughter!        
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  • 27/06/24

    Day 3 - 27/06/24

    Last night, we explored Calshot Castle in our Tudor Twilight adventure. The children enjoyed investigating the different areas and uses of the castle over the years - they especially enjoyed looking at the medieval toilet in disgust!   The evening wouldn't be complete with ano...
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  • 26/06/24

    Day 2 - 26/06/24

    Good morning from sunny Calshot. We had a busy evening last night with an Egg Drop Challenge complete and with some amusing chicken impressions! We then had some time to explore the beach where many children enjoyed finding crabs as new friends!   Everyone slept well during their...
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  • 25/06/24

    Day1 - 25/06/2024

    Year 6 were full of energy and anticipation as they headed off this morning on their last residential visit from Bentley! Having had a great time at Calshot during their visit last year, they were all really keen to get stuck in to more activities and boarded the coach with excitement. We have al...
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  • 20/06/24

    Ready for Calshot?

    We are all very excited about going to Calshot! Is your Year 6 child ready?
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