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Y4 - Wednesday 8th May

Despite a little bit of excited chatter before bedtime, we had a good sleep and were eager to get up and going for Day 2. We had our first bunkbed inspections to see which group could be the tidiest – it will be interesting to see who wins when the results are announced on Friday!

After a shower, we walked over to breakfast. Everyone ate well, Miss Oakley was kept very busy on toaster duty! There was a choice of 3 different cereals and toast with a variety of spreads. After breakfast, we washed out and filled up our water bottles for the busy day ahead.

For our first activities of day 2, we did archery and also got to go on the long zip line. It was great fun and pretty fast!

We also made some lovely friendship bracelets.

Mrs Matthews, Ms Oakley, and Mr Metters could not hold back from the fun, so they had to join in too!

Then it was time to try out some of the delicious cakes and biscuits from home and enjoy a play time before lunchtime. Year 3 then arrived with Miss Hastie, Mrs Pond and Mrs Chouler.

We all enjoyed lunch together – fish fingers or vegetable fingers with chips and peas on the side.

After lunch, we did some awesome climbing. 


For dinner, we will be having pasta bake and garlic bread and could also have fruit and pudding.

Then we will be going back to our rooms for a little break before Movie Night. We joined Year 3 and had a relaxing time. Afterwards, like the previous night, we will have some hot chocolate and a biscuit before getting ready for bed. Some children might be expecting this when they get home!