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We love waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the beach outside our accommodation in Houston House!

After a first hearty breakfast yesterday (where we were offered a full English, cereal, fruit and yoghurt!) we all set off for our first morning of activities.

Group 1 began their morning with their first rock climbing session.  They could be heard loudly encouraging each other to push themselves a little more to get higher up, if not all the way to the top!  







Group 2 began their morning with their first skiing lesson which was great fun, enjoyed by beginners and more experienced skiers alike. Groups 1 and 2 then switched activities so Group 1 had a go at skiing whilst Group 2 tackled the climbing wall.

Meanwhile, Group 3 started their day with an initiative course, which was enjoyed by all, and then they worked in small teams to build the biggest tower in crate stack.  We’ll keep you in suspense until we get home as to how high each group got!  

After a delicious lunch, which was well needed after all the energy used during the morning, Groups 1 and 2 tackled the initiative course where they not only learnt how to work effectively as part of a team, but fears were also conquered as they travelled underground in a long, dark tunnel.  Both groups tested their team work skills even further in the Crate Stack activity.  

Group 3 went to the beach and had a chance to work on the Seine netting activity.  Sea bass, shrimps and oysters were all caught in their nets. After learning more about life in the oceans and studying our finds under the microscope, they were all re-released back into the sea outside our accommodation. 

Dinner last night was a full pork roast with veggie options. Very yummy! 

We enjoyed our evening activity with Year 5 turning into detectives as they worked out some tricky clues to solve a mystery!

The class has been learning so many important skills here and they are full of enthusiasm for all the hands-on activities and new opportunities; they are certainly developing resilience with the new challenges, along with enjoying all their fun times together! 

This morning it was a beautiful sunrise and we have had pancakes and syrup for breakfast. What a treat! Everyone has set up for their activities and we look forward to reporting back on another great day today.