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Year 3 - Wednesday 3rd May

Year 3 arrived incredibly excited for their first residential trip.  Having had a taste of Gordon Brown during their Teddy Bears Picnic in September, they were all really keen to point out what they remembered and spend more time with the animals.

After settling into their rooms, the children joined Year 4 for lunch and were getting very excited for their first activity.

After lunch, the first activities of the week began.

Our first activity was pond dipping. After going through the gate to the locked off area, which was very exciting, we found the pond. There was so much wildlife to find, the newts were the best part.

Every time we put our nets in, we found something else. Everyone thought it was great fun and were pleased that we all found different insects and pond life to look at. We loved trying to identify them too. Then we had a look at the mini-beasts and identified some of these too. Turning over the logs was always a surprise, as you never knew what you would find!

When we arrive back we had a bit of time to see the animals before a tasty tea!


Before going to bed, we will be joining Year 4 to have a movie night.