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Year 3 Thursday 4th May

Everyone slept well during their first night at Gordon Brown and were raring to go when the teachers got them up this morning.  After a delicious breakfast (cereal, toast, fruit), Year 3 were fuelled well for their first full day of activities. 

Our first activity was a ‘village hike’ around the local village of Rotherwick. The children had to walk through fields and through the village learning about the history of the village. It was very exciting to see another school, smaller than ours! Then we walked through the manor estate back to Gordon Brown centre which was huge.


After lunch, another afternoon of adventure awaited with a series of team building activities across the huge field. We had to move a ball along a piece of wood without it falling out, create a path with wooden planks and even work together to stand on wooden planks and walk along. This was our favourite one as it made us laugh! Finally, after all of our points were tallied up, we got to go through the maze, collecting treasure. However, there was a catch, if you didn’t get out in time with your prizes, you didn’t get the points. This created lots of cheering for all teams, and even changed the scores a bit.


Before a lovely dinner, we got to spend some more time playing and with the animals. We are now looking forward to our campfire this evening. We will learn about the animals we hear, especially listening out for owls. We will also sing campfire songs, eat marshmallows and talk about our days together. Then time for a well-earned sleep.