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Another good night’s sleep was had by all after another busy day of activities yesterday. There was some amazing maths and science work done in Epic Engineering when Harold and Derek were made!

The children found it a little more difficult to get out of bed this morning, but they were soon ready to go once they could smell the sausages cooking in the dining hall.

This morning, it was Group 1 & 2’s turn to attempt windsurfing.  All the children had fun practising sitting, lying, paddling and standing on their board before hoisting the sails and letting the wind do all the work. 

Part of the fun is falling in... we don’t think anyone fell in on purpose!! 

Meanwhile, group 3 were out in the fun boats zipping about on the water.

Lunch was definitely needed after such a busy morning and another tasty meal awaited us in the dining hall. 

After lunch each group headed off to a different activity – group 3 were the first to head down to the Schneider Hangar to experience the team swing. 

Everyone agreed that it didn't look that high from the ground, but was so much higher than they thought once strapped in.  The sound of excited screams filled the hangar as the children were launched through the air, but it was definitely Mrs Patey's scream that was the loudest!


This evening we are all looking forward to a bit of downtime and a well-deserved rest at film night!