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Day 2

We all had a great first night’s sleep and woke to the sound of waves crashing on the beach outside our accommodation. A beautiful view!

After a delicious breakfast, we all set off for our first morning of activities. Group 1 tackled the ‘Peg Pole’. Everyone was very brave as it is a bit wobbly when you stand on the tiny platform at the top. I was so proud of all the children who made it to the top of the Peg Pole.  - it's such a long way up! They even completed some challenges set by their instructor whilst they were up there. Meanwhile, Group 2 returned to the ski slope for their second lesson. After a tasty snack, the two groups swapped over, so Group 1 improved their skiing whilst Group 2 tackled the Peg Pole activity.


After lunch, which was well needed after all the energy used during the morning, we all headed straight down to the beach where we spent the afternoon working on the Seine netting activity. This is where you stand on the shore and throw out a big net. You then pull it in to see what marine organisms there are. As well as learning all about marine wildlife, we found out how pollution is damaging the sea and what we can do to help.


We are all looking forward to tonight’s evening activity, which sees Year 5 turning into detectives as we try to solve some clues to a mystery!

Everyone is happy and really enjoying themselves.  

The staff have all been really impressed with how the children are approaching all the activities and giving everything a go.