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Day 3

After a successful evening where we solved the clues in our Daring Detectives activity, we all had a good second night’s sleep and woke up raring to go for our third day of activities. This morning, we all learnt about coastal erosion, longshore drift and deposition in an activity called ‘Coastline Catastrophe’. This ended in a class debate - one of our favourite activities!



We then had another tasty lunch (the food here is great), Group 2 completed their second climbing session whilst Group 1 braved Crate Stacking. As the name suggests, this involves building the biggest tower of crates, but the fun is that we have to climb fast as we build, before the stack collapses and we are left hanging on a wire! As well as being great fun, we found this to be a great activity to learn how to work as a team.

After a delicious snack, we swapped activities. Having heard how courageous Group 1 had been, Group 2 approached the Crate stacking with enthusiasm (and only a few nerves)! We will keep you in suspense until we get home as to how high we got! In the meantime, Group 1 could be heard loudly encouraging each other to push themselves a little more to get higher up the climbing wall - if not all the way to the top!


Our final evening activity is a movie night. I think we are all looking forward to something a little less adrenalin-filled!