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Primary engineer leader award 2019

After the Engineering homework task, I wanted to say a huge thank you to all our budding engineers, as we had some amazing solutions to problems.

We had a wide range of suggestions, including robots for various different tasks, underground car storage, lots of ideas about space portals to save travel time and a great many ways to make pet ownership easier!

After some time looking through the designs, we shortlisted to a ‘winner’ in each class:

‚ÄčEryka's winning design

Year R – Finley – Sammy the Sock Smoothing Robot

Year 1 – Raphael – Moving Cat Bed (for cats that can’t walk)

Year 2 – Emily – Flying Scooter

Year 3 – Eryka – Non-spill cup stand (to stop drinks being knocked over)

Year 4 – Tilly – Voice-activated treat/training collar for dogs

Year 5 – Idan – Self-tightening shoe laces

Year 6 – Chloe – Automatic Spaghetti Fork

And our overall winner… Eryka’s revolutionary cup stand

Each winner receives a £5 gift token to be used with Usborne Books, with Eryka receiving a £10 token.

Congratulations to everyone – the future of engineering and lateral thinking is in very safe hands! 

Mr Goddard, Science Lead, April 2019