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Prayer Week 2020

We held our own Prayer Week in school and teachers were very impressed by the reflection and thoughtfulness shown by pupils. They all had the opportunity to experience different Prayer stations set up across the school. It was a very interactive and joyful afternoon, praying in lots of different ways.

In the Year R class the children had decided to create a string to hang our drawn and written prayers onto.

In Year 1 there was a multi-sensory prayer space where children listened to music, then used their eyes and hands to colour in beautiful crosses.

Year 2 set up an outdoor station with a quiet special place to think and pray. Children made prayerful designs to decorate around Mary the Prayer Sheep in the courtyard.

The Year 3 class also chose to create an outdoor prayer space and many people wrote or drew a prayer to add to a wall of prayers.

In Year 4 there was stone painting to create intercession prayers.

Year 5 had set up paper chains of prayers, linking everyone’s prayers together in our school community.

In Year 6 there was a silent, comfortable space for prayer and meditation.

The dining hall had a space to write any ‘Big Questions’ children had.

In the Rainbow room pupils made silent prayers as they added ribbon and wool threads to a Prayer Tree.

There were also two prayer stations for The Gambia where children could pray for our friends at the Sitahuma School.