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Road Safety SLogan Competition

We are holding a competition to get a new banner for our school to remind people not to park on the yellow zigzag lines. You need to come up with a catchy slogan and enter it at the office before Thursday 13th February. Just write your slogan on a piece of paper, along with your name and drop it in the spotty box at the school office.

Three runners up will receive a prize and the winning entry will be professionally printed and hung up outside our school for everyone to see. They do not need to rhyme but here are a couple of examples we wrote:

  • Be a kind fellow, stay off the yellow!
  • Please be kind, stay off the lines!

Road safety is an important issue at our school so we hope everyone will give it a go!

Rose and Archie, Year 4



Thank you to everyone who entered the zig zag line slogan competition.  We were really impressed with all the suggestions and Rose and Archie, the JRSO's, had a tough job selecting the three runner up entries and the winning entry.  Here’s who they chose…

4th place: Naomi Yr 4 with Yellow zig-zags are for safety, not free parking! 

3rd place: Maddison Yr 6 with We bellow, "You're on the yellow!"

2nd place: Holly Yr 6 with Please follow this sign and keep off the line

And, drum roll please…..

1st place: Dominic Yr 2 with PLEASE KEEP CLEAR, CHILDREN ARE NEAR!

Congratulations to you all.  There is a prize for all of our runners up and Dominic’s fantastic slogan will be professionally printed and adorn the gates outside the school.