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The Book Fair is Back!

Our annual Scholastic Book Fair is back, just in time for you to purchase some lovely reading books for Christmas for your friends and family. 

This year, we are unable to invite parents into school to look at the books.  Instead, the Scholastic Book Fair catalogue for you to browse.  All the books within this catalogue will be available from the Book Fair trolley.  

At the end of the catalogue is an order form.  If you wish to purchase a book/s, please complete the order form and return it to school.  The easiest way to pay for the books is by phone, direct with the Scholastic team.  Details of how to do this are included on the order form.  Our school’s customer ID number is 18002386 You will need this number when making your payment by phone.   

Once payment has been made, please record the transaction code on your order form before returning the form to school.  We are unable to take any payments by cash or cheque at this time so please do not send cash or cheques into school with your child.   

Once you have returned your order form and paid for your books the books will be sent home with your child.  We are unable to wrap the books or put them into carrier bags so please don’t purchase books you want to be a surprise! 

In addition to parents being able to browse the catalogue, each class will have the opportunity to visit the book fair and each child will complete a wish list, which they will be able to bring home.  You may want to delay making your order until your child has visited the fair.  Books will not be sent home with children until we have your completed order form and a record of your payment. 

The final date for all orders will be Tuesday 1st December 2020.   

If you wish to purchase books after this date, you will need to do so via the Scholastic website as the book fair trolleys will have been returned. 

Last year the Book Fair generated an income of just over £700 for our school with which we were able to purchase lovely new books for our library and class book boxes.  By buying books in this way, you are supporting our school and that support is very much appreciated – thank you!