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Bentley Church of England

Primary School

Jasmine, alusha and the tridon

Down in the dark chambers of the castle two figures were in deep in conversation.

Whispers  echoed  around  the  small  dark  gloomy  chambers  ,  the voices sounded like a mans and a young girls .

Feather  investigation  unveiled  that  it  was  the  kings  and  the  beautiful   princess talking about the treacherous tridon .

In the darkness it sounded like he was going to send her to kill the tridon .


All of a sudden a servant came running in to say he had heard the roar of the tridon  , the king said to the princess GO! GO kill the tridon.


Months later ,Alusha met an angle called Phoenix she gave her a bow and arrow and the power of strength half way to the tridons lair .

Thank you phoenix I am so grateful.


Finally she was there she is going  to sneak in from behind and get it while it is sleeping and stab it in the heart O no it has seen me  . . . . . 


It has  died now . now for the long trek home .   . . . . . .


By the time I got back every one had forgotten about me but my farther . I have slayed the tridon well done my darling we will have a great party  but wait it is still alive but headless . . . .