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George- Clot And The Muffletaur- Own Greek Myth

There he lay, thrashing about in his sleep; having a terrible nightmare .Clot was hearing scary things one of them being his twin brother being eaten by the deadly Muffletaur , but then it all became a reality.

First, small Clot received a mysterious letter from his best friend Clet. He steadily opened it up and with horror read the contents: ‘Clot,I am so sorry to tell you this but the enormous Muffletaur has killed your beloved brother, yours sincerely, Clet.


This brought anger and sadness to Clot, he had to kill the Muffletaur… Clot got his supplies hastily: a life-taking sword, his enchanted shin-guards and most importantly a picture of his now dead, brother.


He set off at pace knowing that more innocent people could be eaten any second. Luckily, as he was running up the huge hill his friend, Clet stopped him in his tracks. Clet enthusiastically said he would go with him to the cave and not wanting to argue, Clot let him come.

Finally they reached the tiny entrance into the dark cave. Slowly but steadily they strolled anxiously into the cave then, very suddenly, they heard a spine-chilling roar that could rip the flesh off a small mouse. Nervously, they walked closer to the roar, the pitch-black making it 10 times worse for them.


 Surprisingly, they walked on further but then they both felt a huge slimy tentacle slowly pulsing across the floor. The battle was on. Quickly, Clot climbed to the top up to the creatures head and took a slash, it healed within five seconds of being hit. Meanwhile, Clet was trying to find the monster’s weak part diving through the blood-sucking tentacles. Sure enough, Clet found the monster’s weak part, Clot dived down and SLASH!

It was all over, the golden eyed monster fell like a herd of elephants. When they got back the villagers organized a huge party, both Clot and Clet had lots of fun bragging about killing the fierce Muffletaur. But on the inside Clot was so happy for avenging his twin brother...