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ALFIE. ruin and the camoroot

 He ached as the gravel made its way into his cut feet. The cold slimy floor worried him. He could hear the echo of a thousand screams ,he started to panic, as the screams got louder suddenly he was knelt ,he could feel the burning breath of a god like person,. At that moment his blind fold was taken of. It was Hadies god of the underworld.



“Im so pleased to see you Ruin” boomed Hadies “I’ve been waiting to see you for a very long time” he said with a smug smile on his face “and why is that” Ruin asked “I have a opportunity for you” “to be alive again” Ruin looked up suddenly “alive how” “what do I have to do” he asked with relief “all you have to do is slay the   Camoroot  and get me the eye of eternal life” “ easy” Ruin looked terrified “the Camoroot fine anything to be alive again” he said with a catch in his throat.


The Camoroot was a terrible beast. Its skin was gnarly old pieces of bark, which had scars from other warriors swords,. Its eyes were yellow, yes, bright skin burning yellow. It was able to camouflage in the most uncomftable places. It was impossible to spot with the naked eye.


A few hours later a strange beaming light shone next to Ruin. It was Hermes he handed Ruin a sword and shield and like nothing happened he disappeared

As he walked closer he paused. He could hear the beast ripping and chewing

The flesh of other brave warriors who were set on the same quest as him.

To get the beasts attention he screamed “COME AND KILL ME YOU TERRIBLE

MONSTER” to his surprised it actually worked. The animal started to slowly

Imerge from its dark void.


Ruin watched his every step while approaching this savage manslaughtering 

Beast. He stared at the eye of eternal life and without warning he slid

Underneath the animals legs and cut it in half. Ruin started to dig his bloody

fingernails into its head and finally taking the eye. Then he disappeared .


He felt the burning breath and the ear-blasting screams that he was so use to

Then the booming voice of Hadies “well it seems you have completed my task

well done” it seems so” Ruin replied “hand over the eye NOW” “fine” as hadies 

had the eye in his hand you could see the power in his eyes “let him go”

and like that he was free.

The End.