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Charlotte's tamsin and the purplefang

The beast prowled across the slippery floor which was plastered with rotting flesh, to the other side of the crumbling temple. With a leap Tamsin jumped out of bed. luckily it was just a dream. Briskly she ran into the kitchen with a face full of excitement that she was determined to accomplish her quest could it be the day?

Following the kings call she ran as fast as she could over the golden beach scattering sand everywhere. There were many citizens yelling angrily at the loyal king and the dazzling princess making the king excuses to end him to the beast so the citizens don’t have to give all their food away. she was making my way through the crowd when she got pushed into the princess and tumbled over a cord and on to the floor. She could tell the princess was not jolly she was weeping with sorrow as if she let her country down. As the princess pulled her aside she said “Tamsin go to the starling sisters they will have gifts for you, next you need to go to the queen of the starlings you will have to grab a scroll with a map printed on that tells were the temple of the beast lives there bring back the heart and you can go home if not we have let are citizens down” she said in a whisper.


She galloped over on the hazelnut horse to the starling sisters castle were she was lead. The doors of the castle slightly opened with a squeak. She plodded down the bright red carpet where they sit in their gold plated thrones. Gracefully they walked down to give Tamsin her 3 important gifts. However Tamsin only liked one called the trident it was the most powerful item in the universe the other 2 were x ray goggles so she could see the heart under the main and an air bubble that lets you breathe underwater. She slowly walked up to the magical globes that floated in the air which hold the items was popped by Tamsin’s fingernail.


The globe, shone and exploded with water which lost her control of holding the items. She managed to save the items only by a little help from the starlings sisters. They said” follow the flower trail that leads up to the cave of wonders to the queen of the starling sisters. She arrived and let her self in so she ran up to the top of the marble stairs were the map was held. She swiped it away and of she went to the temple.

 She dived into the water with the x-ray goggles on, water breathing bubble in her pocket and trident in her hand and swam down to the temple. At the entrance the floor was as slippery as a banana skin. There she was through the wall growling at a piece of seaweed hanging from the celling. Tamsin entered the same room that the beast was in. she snuck up behind the beasts back and accidently caught its attention. She was running around the room dodging the tail, as she ran she stabbed the crystal heart but it did not come out. Grabbed the heart and swam back through the maze of water and up to the surface. 

To be continued...