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holly- Pete and the Fagon- Greek myth

One wet dark day, the Fagon was sleeping in his dark cave… As the day went on a boy called Pete and his brother Erik were discussing how they wouldn’t dare to go into the sea because of the Fagon. The Fagon was half fish half dragon with a dark heart. He is a dragon that loves to terrorise other people’s homes and eat the fish in the sea. He has venomous fangs that could go through anything especially human flesh!

Meanwhile, on the beach Pete had a good idea. He was going to kill the Fagon because he had enough. Pete told Erik his genius plan but Erik just gasped because he thought it was a bad idea. Pete made Erik come with him so they started to leave. Suddenly Erik froze he told Pete what about armour? Pete said don’t worry I can stop of at dads so they did.


Pete and Erik carried on with their journey there were hills sharp rocks. Suddenly Pete stopped then Erik right behind him. They could both see the Fagons dark and gloomy cave. They wondered in they froze they could see the Fagon sleeping  he had: dark green scales, bright orange blazed eyes, yellow fangs that looks like they haven’t been cleaned for ages and  a long blood-curdling tail. Erik who didn’t see where he was going knocked down a vase witched woke up the Fagon. They both hid swiftly and the Fagon was angry. when the Fagon turned around Pete came out of know where he shouted ‘hey look over here!’ the Fagon looked behind him and blew his purple fire breath luckily   Pete had a shield and spear so he tried to aim for the head whilst Erik sat in the corner for hours waiting for the Pete to defeat the Fagon. Suddenly Erik had a great idea so he shouted to Pete aim for the heart that’s his weak spot! Pete tried to aim for the heart but he just couldn’t because he was very weak. Suddenly there was a loud scream! It woke up Erik and found the Fagon dead on the floor covered in blood as well as Pete. Pete defeated the Fagon.


They both ran as fast as they could to the village and screamed he did it he defeated the Fagon! Everyone cheered with joy and had a party. From that day on everyone had a happy life.