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Cam's Ophouis and Cerberus

Ophouis was the most poor man in The Kingdom of Dicious the powerful . He lived with his mother in a little shack , next to the pig sty . One day he had an idea . He set out to find The Helm of Darkness . As he was strong , courageous and brave he thought he would possibly have a chance against Cerberus and Hades . . .

As he set of on his impossible task he ran into Ares the god of War . Ares had taken pity on him and gave him a huge sword to help him on his way . Then he made the biggest thanks he had ever made .                           


As Ophouis started walking again he realised what he was doing . But it was to late . He was at the gaits . It was like a huge black void looming up in front of him.                                   


Then he saw it. Hackles raised, utterly confident. Blood was dripping from it’s fangs. The three heads were staring into his sole. He had slabs of muscle all over it’s body and foot long fangs made for ripping flesh from human bones.


To be continued…