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The Zilia emerged from the shadows and roared. The ear-splitting roar echoed in his brain forever, deafening the hero. The only light in the forest was the beasts glistening fangs and the flames producing magical powers from the hero’s sword. Swiftly the beast moved; the quicksand couldn’t handle The Zilia’s movement. Timidly the hero was frozen to the spot, not moving a muscle, Sokratis was filled with fear. Was he going to be the next victim to suffer the torment of the beast's freeze power?

Surprisingly Sokratis was terrified despite the fact he usually speaks so fearlessly to his uncle before he begins a challenge. For a split second he realised how he would feel if his village was let down by him. After that thought he gallantly strode up to the evil beast and heroically slashed The Zilia in half with his amazingly magical sword. Bewildered the beast tried to freeze the heroic Sokratis with his evil ice but finally Sokratis drew out his flaming sword and slashed the beat in half! The Zilia had been defeated. However in the excitement the hero had completely forgotten about the deadly quicksand floor and in a flash he was knee deep in quicksand. Was it too late?


The tragic ending had not represented how brave Sokratis was at all. He had been a hero and saved his village (Cite Sollei) from a serial killer. “Forever a hero” the villagers chanted for many nights to come.