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Beth - Adreana and the Benadrix


In the depths of the ivy and plants, there was a malicious, dangerous beast. It let out endless roars, desperate to find more human flesh. The Benadrix. That’s what locals of the small town called them, until it mysteriously disappeared, although people still thinks it’s out there waiting to find revenge...

Two hours later, Adreana got out of bed just like it was a normal day, but she had no idea what she was about to face. When Adreana took herself on a usual walk into the forest, she got lost amongst a deep kind of ditch. Luckily she stumbled across a beautiful palace, so she bravely knocked on the huge, oak wood door. The sound echoed through the great hall inside the palace, alerting the king and his servants. Quickly, the servant ran off, knowing what terrible things the king was planning. He was going to attempt to blow up another part of his country. Adreana edged forward, eager to listen to his plans. Adreana knew she had to do something, she ran home and grabbed a map. Adreana did think she saw where the king circled the land. After hours of searching, Adreana eventually found the place where the bomb was ready to blow up.

She smashed an old, dusty window hesitating whether to climb through. Once she built up enough courage to face the monster, she jumped in but something was wrong, if felt as if she was stumbling across clothes… Adreana looked down and let out a scream, she stepped on a body! She bent down and checked his pulse. He was barely alive. Weak, but alive. He obviously tried to slay the beast. She couldn’t go back now. Adreana knew it must be lurking around somewhere near her. A sudden roar made her jump, she could tell it was down the flight of stairs just next to her. Adreana didn’t have much time until the bomb would blow up and everything surrounding her would be wiped out – including herself.

Tears stung her eyes, but Adreana crept down the manky flight of stairs, ready to kill it, and defuse the bomb before it was too late. She swung around a corner, but only to glance at the beast’s horrible grin. Her heart almost jumped a beat. Adreana sprinted up to the dragon, and shot a special dart at it (she got it from the person that was lying on the floor). The Benadrix immediately dropped dead to the floor. It was like a weight being lifted off her shoulders, although she still had to defuse the bomb but that was the least of her worries. The guy who was almost killed by the Benadrix was awake, and he passed the computer to Adreana and she defused the bomb just in time! He and Adreana found their way back home and broke the wonderful news to the town.