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Chloe- Scar And Michal

On  the edge off Rosen lived the great and powerful Scar. He had a crocodile body ,but  bear arms and legs. Then one day the queen set a quest to kill Scar . Michal who got set the quest set of into the dark and mystery  hourizen . As he got there he saw the gloomey cave off what he thought was were Scar lived . As he got there he thought to him self he is huge ...

Then came running along , behind him was this man called Anthony . When he arrived "I have been sent by the queen."

(Panting) "Thank you "

He shouted . But there was a twist every time you cut of his legs they would grow back so you would have to aim for his head. 1 Hour later he is dead ! When they arrived back there was a huge celerbration ,and cheering .As Michal and Anthony had completed the task they were rewarded with the . Sighnificant people award !