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Lola: drainia and the starna

The void of darkness grew closer and closer. Then a claw scraped the ground... Drainia woke up relieved it was only a dream. Drainia had no idea what lay ahead for her! The family weir eating breakfast then, to their dismay, the mum slid to the floor her eyes a cold blue Drainia fell next to her her face dripping with cold tears.

Drainia knew what to do she was going to Blood Shed the devils mountain. She didn't’t tell her dad or older sister she had to go alone!!


She trudged out of town to a house. She knocked ... then a young woman came from the darkness to open the door. Drainia started to cry. After she had calmed down she told the lady about what happened but the lady wasn't’t listening she was looking at Drainia’s eyes. Then in a whisper the lady said “your eyes have power use it... now go” So she went


Drainia approached the mountain ready to climb but then she was there no need to climb all the way up. A   scraping noise reached her ears. She knew what it was it was the Starna!! It had : the body of a lion with poisonous claws that restore life if you drink it but if you get scratched you die and the head of a flame red dragon with teeth as sharp as daggers! Then it opened one lazy eye.


It snapped her bow into pieces within seconds. Poor Drainia what could she do. Then her searing anger became too much and a burst of purple liquid came shooting from her eyes killing the Starna. Quickly Drainia took the poison.


When she got home her father was kneeling by her mother. Drainia strode near him then she jumped near him and said “Mum is going be ok I promise.”


To this day no one knows how she knew were to go !!!!!