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James B Dacino Kills BullBoy

Dacino Knelt In front of the king. I believe in you, slay bull boy whispered the king. Sure your majesty. So Dacino goes on a quest to slay bull boy!

 On the way he stops at his friend John’s house. Oh hi john says Dacino. "What’s that over there" asked Dacino? "Oh that’s my magic gem" replied John. Can I borrow it? Yeah sure if you bring it back. Ok bye. Dacino exits John’s house and then heard people screaming…

Where’s that coming from Dacino said to himself. Oh there you are Bull Boy. Come Here Boy. "Fireball" Dacino said to the gem and the gem shot a fireball. Bull boy was really angry and so he shot a sharp horn! Dacino Quickly Decided to used the gem to make the horn bounce of and go  in bull boy’s direction. Then suddenly he stopped.

Dacino had done It! everyone was so happy and the people that got eaten were free to see there family’s and live a normal life again. Everybody felt so happy and bull boy was sad. Dacino got given the prize For the Number One Hero. :) :) :) :) :)