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Saffy Denton and the griffith

On a sunny day at the palece Denton was getting ready for the day, when SUDDENLY he heard a roar from the Griffith . The Griffith sleeps in the palece garden until he is woken up .when Denton heard a roar he thought and knew it was the Griffith from being woken up from his all year sleep...

He was so scared because whenever he is woken up the soilgers try to kill him but they always fail so he knew he had to kill it on himself but with a little help from his sister liz .The Griffith is half wolf half snake the snake tail gives it venom for the tongue ,so he knows he has to slay the tail of he also has to kill it aswell  so it can,t harm anyone he went to the weapon room to get his armer and swords for the next day

The next day he gets ready for the day then goes outside and atemps to kill the  griffith . he slays the tail of the Griffith he still has to kill it so he is going to come back the next day .The next day Denton comes back feeling proud of himself for slaying the tail but he still has to kill it . he goes outside coverd in armer ready to kill it so he goes and fights until he kills it . Luckily he killed it so he could carry on having a safe life