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Rafe the tale of jammous

The dazzling light flashed over his dark sleepy eyes. He awoke. He rapidly sprinted down like a bull. He was the most amazing hero in the land. His army consisted of one thousand men. Suddenly he saw what seemed to be (a god) he thought.


It was Athena the god of beauty  she told him to go and slay hectagonous the dragon of fire and illusion . He got given three presents: a vast cloak of invisibility the sword of the mighty Zeus and the sword of protection. He said “thank you all mighty god.” You must find him before he steals more souls.


Of jammous and his army went to find hectagonouses lair, he found many beasts on his way a troll, a man eating bat and a cyclops. Just when he was about to give up hope he found it the underworld. It was dark creatures moved and breathed.   


Until Alfie a solder whispered “were being watched.” Suddenly a small rat like creature scuttled away to his master.


After five minutes they found him hectagonous encircled by souls, souls of the living it was a lengthy battle each side slowly dying. It was a one on one hectagonous vs jammous fire v lightning. Suddenly jammous with all his energy he pierced his sword through the slippery scales of the beast.  

When jammous came back Athena was amazed she thought he would be killed. The village was pleased to get jammous  back alive to be continued...