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Zeph the mystery man and the three headed man eating dog

As a meagre mystery man waded through the bellowing crowds, he heard screeches of who is he? The noise broke to a whisper when he reached the centre of the crowed. As the village stared at the well-built sly man. Who could escape in a miller second? You would not want to mess with him! When he reached the centre of the castle he notes a nose from bellow him it sounded like three large dogs. Then he realised it was the man eating it was hungry he must stop it!

As the mystery man came out he reserved the one the only invisible cloak and silent shoes. When Joe (the mystery man) puts the cloak on no one could see him or even hear him. So he runs of.


As he goes into the cave under the castle he notices the three headed man eating dog was asleep this was the perfect time for the beast to be slotted. He just had to be quiet as he got closer he got more and more scared as he put his knife in the beast and revelled himself to the crowed.