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Maisie Paige and Berneda

The beast lay in his unwelcoming lair. He was carefully watching over Burns Nest and wished he could have as much fun as them.

The residents of Burns Nest feared the horrific monster, but other than that lived a fantastic life. Paige was a caring girl who always put others needs before her own. She was particularly frightened of the monster as he had razor sharp teeth, black scales and tiny poisonous hairs all over him. The monster was called Burneda. What the villagers didn’t know was that Burneda once lived a happy life in a place where people accepted him for who he was. However then he lashed out at a villager and got sent far away. Once he was moved to Burns Nest he let out his anger by killing people and was sent to a cave at the very top of the village.

A few years after Burneda was banished to the cave, Paige’s father suddenly caught a deadly disease. The only cure was Burneda’s healing blood. After a lot of thought, Paige left her tiny thatched house. She was feeling afraid, but she was doing this for her father. The journey up the hill was long and exhausting but she finally made it. ‘Only a few more miles:’ she thought. On the way she met a pixie called Julia. Julia conveniently gave Paige a bottle for the blood and a poisonous bow and arrow that could be used to pierce the stomach of the creature. Paige said her words of thanks and turned to continue her journey to the petrifying monsters lair. Once she had made it, she wasn’t at all willing to go in, but the thought of her poor father suffering pushed her to. Burneda lay there, sleeping noisily on his back with his legs in the air. Paige was about to laugh at the sloth looking creature, but stopped herself. She realised it was amazing that he was in a position that she could get him. She shot at him and hit his stomach. There was an ear splitting screech for a second before his eyes closed again and he was dead. Paige to the arrow out, carefully avoiding the hairs, and got the blood into the bottle.

Once she got home her father was relieved to see her and within ten minutes, the healing blood had done its job. Paige’s father had been cured! Everyone had a wonderful party and all was well again in Burns Nest!