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Hugo Babino and Electropious

The void of darkness was lightened by a strike of lightning. There was a slithering on the floor as a big giant hiss dusted the dirt of the cave on the floor. As it approached closer and closer it got louder and louder and it had blazing fangs and poisonous fire blades as its wings.

“Dad I’ve been wandering that this monster can’t keep killing everyone so I’m going to kill it and bring back the invisibility cloak,” said Babino. “Ok as you wish son but you promise you will come back alive.” “Yes I will.” So the journey began and on his way to the monstrous cave. On his way, he met his friend Jack, and to help him he gave him a small powerful peashooter and a shiny shield.

When he arrived at the deep dark cave he could hear a thundering hiss. As he entered the cave there were damp and dirty leaves. When Babino heard the hiss again the rocks came shattering from above his head. Then he squinted to see the end of the cave when suddenly he saw a flash of light which shot him back as he landed on his front side.

He got back up and he ran and ran to the terrible beast but he sent out another strike of light at him and he went flying into the walls of the cave. He had an idea. He started crawling on the floor until he could see this terrifying, gigantic beast. It was a snake had sharp, pointy, fiery wings. He was so frightened but he didn't’t give up. He got the peashooter out and fired a single shot at Electropious and with its loudest raw it shot Babino at the walls of the cave and rocks came shattering from above and kept landing next to him.

Then he kept shooting at it and it kept falling down to the floor until it was dead. Then Babino ran to the cloak and got his shield out to protect it and himself. The beast lay flat but with its last power it charged a massive ball of lightning and it struck the ferocious cave and all rocks went flying down the mountain.

But Babino had survived and took the cloak back home he was so happy with himself and he couldn't’t believe he had just done the impossible. When he arrived back home his dad was so happy with him and he was so shocked of how he had done it and there was no harm from then on.