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Eloise - Julie & Shadow

One step, two steps and a mysterious being comes out. Everyone called him shadow. As his dark, gloomy cape comes up, no one is safe! On the other side of the village a young independent woman (the king’s guard) was training, training for war, she was exceedingly muscular and had a very bright futures. Her name was Julie!

At the back of the castles beyond the vine, into the king’s garden, Julie was waiting for the king’s presence. She was standing with a high head like she wasn’t nerves at all. However when she heard him proudly marching in, Julie thought he wasn’t impressed with her but it was quite big news. He said” Julie I am so…” he paused and then carried on “proud so for that I’m giving you a massive opportunity of killing shadow…I know you can do it” Julie was in fear but she had to set herself a challenge. At night she needed to think, thing of what she needed. The next morning, as her eyes adjusted, she was quenching with fear. Early that day, she departure the kingdom with a moment of fear she was determined.             


A few moments later, she found herself at the other side of the village. She was still trembling with fear as she dragged her foot she got closer she was about to turn back. Suddenly the ghostly vampire came out. Then behind her was a strange man a man with a sword he gave it to Julie. Then she slayed shadow. He was lying on the floor in pain. Then she knew she had done it! When she came back all her friends where cheering.The king gave a present and now she was brave and she knew she can do anything.     

To be continued...