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Gabriella Maths reasoning

To Do Then Explain

Find out the population.

 Then put them in ascending order.

Explain how you ordered the countries and their population.

Ascending Order

  1. Switzerland – 8,544,034
  2. Portugal – 10,291,196
  3. Italy – 60,449,118
  4. U.K – 66,480,220
  5. Germany- 83,080,010


I know the numbers are in ascending order because ascending order means going from the lowest to the highest and Switzerland has the smallest population because 8,000,000 is smaller than the rest. As it doesn’t have a tens of millions column were the rest all have a tens of millions column. I also know that Germany has the biggest population because it has the tens of millions column that is 80,000,000 and it is larger than the rest.