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Zeph and Chloe's Maths reasoning

Do, then explain

Find out the populations in five European countries.

Order the populations in ascending sizes.

Explain how you ordered the countries and their populations.

Greece 10,860,286

Spain 48,829,820

Italy 60,494, 118

UK 66,480,220

France 67,431,000

Greece is the smallest because all the other digits have more than ten million.

Spain is the second smallest because it’s bigger than ten million but smaller than 60 million.

Italy is the middle one because the digit 48 is smaller than the digit 60 but not as big as the digit 66.

The UK has the second largest population because the digit 66 is slightly smaller than 67 but 6 higher than digit 60.

France which has the biggest population because the digit 67 is just bigger than the digit 66.