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Do then explain


Find out the populations in five different European countries. Order the populations in ascending sizes.


Explain how you ordered the countries and their populations.



  1. Spain 46,829,820
  2. Italy 60,494,118
  3. UK 66,480,220
  4. France 67,431,000
  5. Germany 83,080,010
  Text Box: Spain is the smallest country because it has a digit four in the millions and Italy is the second smallest country because out of the country’s in the 60millions it is the smallest out of 66 million and 67 million and then it is UK because it’s in the 66millions which is smallest than France which is in the 67millions and then it’s France because it’s in the 67millions which is bigger than 66million and Germany is the biggest because it has 83 in the millions which is more than all the other countries. Ascending order is smallest to biggest and how I have shown it, it is in ascending order.
                                                                                                                         By Hugo