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Popcorn making, night walking and a good sleep...

This afternoon we have been cooking with a difference. First we had to gather sticks and then Mark taught us how to put them into the right shape make a fire. Once lit we made popcorn by holding tins of corn kernels over the fire. Despite our worries about lack of added salt and sugar we really enjoyed the popcorn, it had a lovely smoky taste.

After tea we went on our night hike. It wasn’t really very dark, but we did see a few bats flitting around the trees in the dusk. Mark took us to an old bomb shelter and we walked through it with our torches.

Sometimes there are bats there, but not tonight. On our way back to the centre Mr Goddard helped us find a Geocache. 

We could barely keep our eyes open as we drank our hot chocolate and listened to a story, and were pleased to get into our beds.



Heads hit the pillow very quickly and a good sleep was had all round.  We didn't get up too early, but had plenty of time for lots of cereal and toast before getting ready for an exciting day ahead!  

We are all looking forward to our Viking day - though we will be inside for most of the session, we will have waterproofs at the ready!