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heading home...

The tired out Year 6 needed to be woken again this morning!  They're up, breakfasted and getting packed and ready for another day of activities, before heading home.

What a fantastic few days Year 6 have had at Calshot.  The weather has been great for all the watersports.  The children have enjoyed the opportunity to try out something new - sailing, cycling in the velodrome and shooting were particular favourites! And just being away from digital technology with LOTS of activities, challenges and fresh air seems to have been a brilliant experience!

As the staff have said, the best thing about the week has been seeing the children  work so brilliantly as a team.  The staff at Calshot report all the children have been terrific - lovely manners, maturity, resilience and lots of enthusiasm.  Well done Year 6!

The coach is expected back by 7.30pm this evening. Feel free to come to school by 7.15pm as the school office will be closed at 4.45pm as usual and we will only text out if there is a major delay. They will all be very tired and have lots of stories to tell (and washing to tackle!). After collecting their luggage and thanking the three super humans, Mrs Miffling, Mrs Rushin and Mrs Elliott, who have looked after them all week please be ready to whisk them off for some R&R at home!

We look forward to seeing them all together for their last three weeks at primary school and hearing about all their amazing experiences!