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Year 5 - Calshot '20

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  • 13/03/20

    Day Five...

    Year 5 have all slept well and had another delicious breakfast.  They have gathered up all (hopefully!) of their belongings, packed their bags and are excited for another morning of activities and lunch before they head home. 
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  • 12/03/20

    Day Four...

    Thursday has been another terrific day for the class on their residential and we are pleased to report that they haven’t blown away despite their wind swept faces in these pictures! Two more groups completed the full initiative course and the best balances lasted 1 minute and 26 seconds on...
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  • 12/03/20

    Day three...

    Everyone really enjoyed the Detective challenge last night and their investigations have been sent off and they will hear the outcomes before they leave on Friday! Mrs Hamer arrived at tea time yesterday to take over from Mr Ibbotson as our third school adult with the group. 
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  • 11/03/20

    Day two...

    Day two dawned with bright skies, sunny but breezy. The children had slept well and they were delighted to get a full English breakfast to charge them up for the busy day ahead! Two groups went on the trawler out to sea. They were excited to catch a sea bass and a plaice too. The other group went...
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  • 10/03/20

    Safe & sound & settled in...

    Mrs Miffling rang in to say that Year 5 arrived safe and sound, everyone got unpacked and settled into their dorms. The children think the accommodation is very swish and they were all pleased with their dorm companions. After meeting the Calshot staff who are to be their teachers and inst...
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  • 09/03/20

    All packed & ready to go?

    Miss Wiggins, Mrs Miffling, Mrs Hamer and Mr Ibbotson only have a few last minute items to add to their suitcases for the residential visit to Calshot.  Is your Year 5 child ready?
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