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Year 5 Calshot 2017 - BLOG

Year 5 Residential Visit to Calshot

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  • 19/05/17

    Homeward Bound...

    The  children have been very busy this morning completing the final round of fun events so that all groups have taken part in every activity.  After lunch they will say their goodbyes to the fun team at Calshot, until they visit again next year.
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  • 19/05/17

    Final adventures...

    A busy morning packing our suitcases, stripping the beds and making our room tidy ready for the next guests and this is all before breakfast!
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  • 18/05/17

    Exploring, fishing & a big rubber ring...

    Day four and, although there were a few tired looking children at breakfast this morning, they were all ready to get on with the day. 
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  • 17/05/17

    Meandering rivers, abseiling & water rockets...

    Another fun packed day full of adventurous activities and lovely learning. 
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  • 16/05/17

    Trawling, exploring & scaling great heights...

    All children had a good night's sleep, ready for a full day of either exploring the coastline or trawling Southampton Waters. 
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  • 15/05/17

    Skiing, climbing & scavenging...

    Finally we are at Calshot!  We have all settled into our rooms - unpacked our clothes, made our beds, settled our teddies - and it now feels like home. 
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  • 12/05/17

    Are you ready for Calshot 2017?

    Only three more sleeps until Year 5 set off for their first visit to Calshot! Whilst the more organised amongst you will have already packed, the link below will give you a full list of what is needed in case you need to make a last minute dash to the shops this weekend!
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