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Trawling, exploring & scaling great heights...

All children had a good night's sleep, ready for a full day of either exploring the coastline or trawling Southampton Waters. 

The coastline explorers discovered something called long shore drift which affects our coastline and they have written fabulous stories to raise awareness about the dangers our coasts face. 


The terrific trawlers had a very successful morning with lots of amazing sightings from the seabed.  The children cannot wait to share with you their amazing discoveries.



Our adventurous activities today included building skyscrapers with crates, the children applied their newly learnt climbing skills of belaying and tailoring to help the crate stackers climb as high as they dare.   Many teams managing to build over eight levels.

Needless to say they  all loved jumping off of the tower and then dangling in their climbing harnesses before being lowered to planet earth!

Tonight we will be daring detectives looking for clues to solve the crime!   Followed by a biscuit and juice whilst listening to a story then bed.  Exhausted but very happy!