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Final adventures...

A busy morning packing our suitcases, stripping the beds and making our room tidy ready for the next guests and this is all before breakfast!

After breakfast, but before saying our ‘good byes’ and ‘thank yous’ to the fantastic Calshot staff, we have more adventurous fun in store.  Another ski or climb; each child will set their own personal target to achieve as well as a few challenges set by their group leaders.  In addition we will be Ringo-ing (sliding down the ski slope on a huge inner tube) and applying our orienteering skills in the enormous hangar or abseiling.  Its been so much fun!

The children have been fantastic and have made the most of every minute of their ‘first’ Calshot. All of the teachers have been incredibly proud of their independence, team work, perserverance, courage and sense of fun. Well done Year 5!