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Homeward Bound...

The  children have been very busy this morning completing the final round of fun events so that all groups have taken part in every activity.  After lunch they will say their goodbyes to the fun team at Calshot, until they visit again next year.

The coach is due back from Southampton at around 3pm today, traffic permitting.  If the timing of that changes significantly, we will advise parents by text as soon as we are able, but if you don’t hear from us, please be ready to collect your child from the playground this afternoon.

All the children have had a super time thanks to the careful planning of both school staff and the Calshot team who have, once again, been great! A special thanks to Mrs Miffling and Miss Smith who have survived all 4 nights, but also to Mrs Rushin and Mrs Matthews who joined them for 2 nights each.  Taking on the responsibility of a class on a residential trip is a big endeavour for the staff team and I know that parents really appreciate their hard work and personal commitment. In the hurly burly of collecting offspring and luggage please do check in with them to hear any messages and to pass on your thanks. It means a lot.  

Look forward to hearing all the great stories from the week; how high they climbed, how dark it was in the tunnel they crawled through, how fast they went on their skis, how the meandering rivers shape our countryside and just how big that plaice was! Previous feedback tells us that they will be exhausted but happy, having had a very busy week! They will also have a large amount of laundry which may be a little soggy after the rain this week so get the washing machine at the ready! Have a relaxing weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone back in school on Monday as usual.