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Year 6 Calshot '17 - blog

Year 6 Trip to Calshot

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  • 29/06/17

    And finally....

    The children  will be packing straight after breakfast then taking part in a very full day of activities. Whilst they will have breakfast and lunch with substantial snacks they will no doubt be ravenous on arrival home and very ready to be taken home for a hearty meal!
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  • 28/06/17

    "It's amazing here, I love it!"

    I headed down to Calshot after school to see how the Year 6 class were getting on. On arrival the tide was in and there were some rather large puddles but Year 6 and the teachers were in good form. As Elliot said “we were wet anyway today!”. They have been sailing, wind surfing and kayak...
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  • 27/06/17

    Rafting and Cycling

    Great morning of raft testing (some were more successful than others!) and cycling, followed by a soggy afternoon on the water!
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  • 27/06/17

    Day 1 - Full Report

    Year 6 set off on their Calshot adventures on a beautiful sunny Monday morning with a huge turnout of parents to wave them off. We were impressed with their packing skills and our friendly bus driver whisked all the suitcases on the bus speedily.
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