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Lots of crabs & Ancient trees

The Year 5 class continues to have a terrific time at Calshot.  They are now well into their routines and are enjoying the many learning opportunities every session.

The staff are really proud of how well the children are doing and tell me that their behaviour has been excellent.  Everyone is in good spirits and there are lots of smiles and great feedback. When Mrs Pinchess rang this evening for the daily catch up the boys dorm was on speaker phone and said that EVERY activity has been amazing!

Today Mrs Miffling and Mrs Smith and their groups headed out on the trawler. The weather was a little overcast and there was a shower of rain but it all dried up early on so was no bother to our hardy explorers! Eight types of crab were caught by Miss Smith & co and she was very proud of her catch!

Mrs Rushin and her group headed off to the New Forest where they combined scientific skills with maths and some history too! They estimated the height and ages of different trees in the forest. The children were wowed to hear that some are over 150 years old and were growing when slavery was abolished and Charles Darwin published the Origin of Species!

The afternoon activities were the team building challenge with crate stacking and ski-ing for the group who had not yet tried this out. The whole class tucked into a roast dinner at lunch and are reported to be eating very well.

This evening their activity is making group videos about the food cycle so watch out for their Bafta nominations...!