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WWF Charity Challenges

For the next half term the School have committed to support the work of the WWF Charity. Instead of raising funds we are going to work on making a difference for the world. Here are the challenges which the children have come up with for us all to work on at home and school.

Week 1 – 25th February - Conduct a survey at home to find out what we recycle and what is composted. Have a conversation and think more about what we can and cannot commit to recycling. Whilst the grown-ups may be very confident about this it is worth stating that many of our pupils were unaware that we can recycle glass or what items cannot be recycled in the bins.

Week 2 - 4th March - The task set for us by the children for this week is to talk about recycling and how this works as a family. Tell the children how it works and look up what can and cannot be recycled so everyone in the house is helping!? Our challenge for next week is to use a water bottle to collect all the non-recyclable CLEAN plastic (e.g. sweet wrappers, cling film, plastic food bags). Your aim is to push it into the bottle to create a solid ‘brick’ which will be collected and used to make new items. Once you have filled a brick please bring it into school where our Eco Warrior teaching team (led by Mrs Kremple and Madame Jones) have BIG plans on what to do with it next…

Week 3 – 11th March - Water reduction. What can you do to help reduce the amount of water you use at home? Try some new baits – turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth. Time your shower and try and reduce how much water you use.

Week 4 – 18th March - Electricity reduction. Remember to turn off the lights when you leave the room. Turn off any electrical items which do not need to stay on.

Week 5 – 25th March - Write a letter to make a difference. Write your email or letter with your family’s support - who can you write to? Explain our WWF focus at school and ask for a change. What about a supermarket head office to request a simple plastic reduction (e.g. do cucumbers NEED to be covered in plastic?). Please let us know how you get on and share any replies!

Week 6 – 1st April - The big challenge – try and have a plastic free week. No disposable plastic in lunch boxes at school please and try and use none at home either. Recycle what you can. Do a check list from Week 1 – have you improved on your recycling at home and have we made a difference at school?

We hope that you will give our ideas a try and if you have any more suggestions please contact Madame Jones and/or Mrs Krempel through the as they are both our recycling pioneers at school. They have sourced some other ideas which we will be piloting at school next half term. Some of these require some extra effort for the grown-ups but we know that our children are passionate to make a difference – let’s see what we can do in working together!