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This week at Bentley...

Thank you so much to everyone at school for your support, interest and donations for our first Gambia Schools linked visit. It was an inspiring and joyful experience for me and I hope that our group kept up the Scouts aim to “Try and leave this world a little better than you found it” in the work we did. I was incredibly fortunate to be travelling with a great team of volunteers and to visit five different schools. We worked hard and I was lucky to teach in two schools and work with some super Gambian teachers and amazing children. I am in the middle of completing a diary about what I got up to for the website so look in the news section if you would like to read more.

Baden Powell’s message is truly relevant for the excellent Eco work the Bentley children have committed us to this half term. As a Church school stewardship of the planet is something close to many hearts and the school is already making some big changes – what can you do at home too?

Please click here for a reminder about our task for this week for the World Wildlife charity.

Exciting news for Year R next week as the builders move back in to create their wonderful new outdoor learning space. This is all down to the Lottery funding of £10k which we were fortunate enough to be granted. It will be a busy few days and we ask that until further notice that the Year R children are dropped through the main front door. This will obviously bring a rise in traffic through the office first thing so please watch out for little people coming through! Miss Smith will deliver the children back to waiting parents outside the front door at 3.15 so please wait on the number square so that we can help to keep the children away from the door and to dismiss them. It is only for a few days and will certainly be worth the disruption!

In the classrooms this week…

Yr R have been creating colour wheels to learn about colour mixing. They have used the three primary colours and have mixed three secondary colours to paint.

Yr 1 created their own musical pieces with Mrs Wood based on Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’. Reports are that it sounded great! If you'd like to know more, click here

Yr 2 are very interested in their new Geography topic about Antarctica. Ask them why penguins can’t fly…

Yr 3 have studied the artist Katsushika Hokusai and identified features in his style.

Yr 4 made some great connections in their history understanding as they researched Sutton Hoo artefacts.

Yr 5 had their auditions for parts in the Junior Play later this term. What a range of talents our wonderful pupils have!

Yr 6 have delighted Mrs Rushin and Mrs Miffling by how resilient and positive they were in their mock SATs week. They have made excellent academic progress and are working hard. Great attitudes Year 6!

If you have ideas or suggestions then please do not feel that you have to wait for a survey or to speak to a Governor to pass them on! You can pass any suggestions straight to the Senior Leadership Team either by emailing or via our suggestion box, which is located by the Cups and Awards cabinet at the front desk. We always prefer to know who has written the suggestion so that we know who to get back to, but we will still read and discuss any that are anonymous so don’t be shy…share your great ideas!

Information on our resilience goal for this half term to keep well and healthy can be found by clicking here.

A full list of reminders for the coming week can be found by clicking here

I hope that we can all enjoy the lighter evenings and outdoors over the weekend after such wonderful weather this week. Have a good weekend.

Katy Pinchess, Headteacher


Thank you to…

the Handa family for the lovely Winnie the Pooh book